ANDANZAS, Daniel Padilla Ramos Biography, a Mexican Attorney who was involved in the 9/11 attacks, assisting families of the victims. Attorney of profesional singers, such as Juan Gabriel. Kidnapped in Mexico city, tales of his chilhood, his grandson, all this, mixed with a real world history, and all this, at his 44 years old.

ISBN: 978-0-692-50131-3

U.S. Copyright number: TXU001949231 / 2014-08-19

Copyright in México: 03-2014-061913510700-01


ANDANZAS is an autobiographical book of Daniel Padilla Ramos, a lawyer in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico, very close to the border with the state of Arizona in the United States city, and who at an early age considered writing his memoirs because his view, You not necessarily have to leave a legacy of life when one is an elderly person, or worse, wait for a third party write when one has since died.

Daniel grew up in the city of Hermosillo and since childhood began writing the story of his life, with photographic evidence, documents and even videos that have marked its existence. The final trigger for Daniel decided to write the story of his life, was certainly the fact that his brother Diego has been invaded by a cancer that ended up taking him to death in 2013, therefore, realizing that life we can go at the least expected moment, Daniel was devoted to collecting these testimonies of life with those who had, sort and explain with words, thus shaping his work, which he labeled as ANDANZAS, in clear reference to the steps taken in its existence.

This book offers with splendid clarity, what a middle class person and eager to get ahead illustrates in everyday life, from the ceremony of his baptism, his documented step from basic education to vocational, her divorce and her second marriage, through the arduous task of bringing up her six children, to close with the fact of becoming a young grandfather at the age of 44 years.

In a nice way, the author recounts his childhood pranks, his adventures of youth and training as a litigator. As a legal professional, Daniel Padilla had the opportunity to handle major cases that were entrusted to him, being perhaps the most important, having been the only lawyer in Mexico to have been selected by the United States Department of Justice of North America to represent relatives of Mexicans who lost their lives during the heinous terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in that neighboring country.

In ANDANZAS, the young author also talk in a very pleasant way some legal cases handled in his office, such as the legal representation of North American citizens residing on the beach in San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora, where practically this lawyer had to take justice into their own hands to resolve you customers a serious dispute. Interesting the case of the official government television station, which Daniel Padilla managed to save from bankruptcy thanks to legal and tax strategies that knew implement. It was also hired as his lawyer, singer and composer famed Mexican Juan Gabriel, who likewise helped in their tax liabilities, although this experience was not entirely positive for Padilla attorney. The fun lost a treasure hunt that for years the author has searched without finding Logar, it is humorously narrated in these memoirs. In his book, the author does see very clearly the complexity of family relationships so common in the vast majority of the world's families.

But not everything in ANDANZAS are successes and celebrations, as Daniel Padilla transports us to live with him, the ordeal of a kidnapping of which he was a victim in the year 1996 in Mexico City, DF, which say the author, practically reborn.

ANDANZAS also offers the reader something very unusual for an autobiographical writer, who is molesting recognize the knowledge and application of the law for their own benefit; just as we explained in details and documents presented, several lawsuits against him, a very brave writer indeed. He explains the author, who dared to mention such episodes of his life even if they prove painful, because he wanted his ANDANZAS they were completely attached to reality. The courage and enthusiasm of Daniel Padilla to establish many businesses, all diversified, from pharmacies to Laundromats, through Tequila and Habanos. A very swampy path hardly the author has managed to cross, thanks to his dedication, drive and belief in their life projects.

Mexico's history and world history are the same issues that Daniel Padilla passionate about him, and not ANDANZAS misses the opportunity to make comments about what he believes is the true story. ANDANZAS is a book out of series and unusual too ...



Thank you for sending me a copy of ANDANZAS and for your pleasant words about me in the book. I find the book very interesting, not only for your discussion of some of the important events that you have been associated with, but also because it gives a very good picture life in Mexico at the end of the 20th century. That "historia cotidiana" y "al grano" is not easily found and your book is a welcome addition to my library. Saludos,

Jeffrey Davidow. (US Ambassador for life, La Jolla, California)

Hello Daniel, I've been reading it. It is very impressive. You have done a lot with your life and you have many more books to write.

Thank you very much. My dad would have been proud of you.

Bruce Murdock (My american brother, Chicago, Illinois)

Fantastic, congratulations!  

 Thanks for including me in your life ;)

 Elizabeth Guidry (friend, San Francisco, California)

Excellent book. I placed a copy on the coffee table in my living room. ANDANZAS has been the center of many conversations between family members and friends. Every story is very interesting. One in particular is my favorite one: It is the one where it talks about my dear friend Carmen Cecilia Borbon Rubio . Beautiful words in this ´ANDANZAS' chapter... Awesome book! Great job!

Gabby Lliles (Family friend. Ventura, California)

Dear Mr. Daniel P. Ramos:


Thank you for your letter to Secretary Hillary R. Clinton and sending her a copy of your autobiographical book, Andanzas.


Secretary Clinton appreciates your thoughtfulness, support, and good cheer.  On her behalf, please accept my best wishes.





Robert Vincent Russo

Director of Correspondence

Hillary for America



Daniel I already finished your book! I want to specify that I only accelerate my reading to those good books., it was very nice and pleasant, full of achievements, surprises and I also took away some giggles.
Congratulations for all those goals achieved, for your many accomplishments, and not only that, because you share and make others participates of your triumphs. These your ANDANZAS itself referring to the phrase "He who dares, wins". I love how you mention my dear sister in all chapters, you refer to her with such much love and respect, as the gentleman do, which brings that beautiful union of your six children. 
God bless and lead you Daniel and keep the enthusiasm and generosity that characterizes you.

With great esteem and affection.

Your sister in law, Betty Vigil (Lemoore, California)



I started to read your book all the way to the chapter where you were kidnapped. After reading this, I can only tell you that I'm so blessed to know you and I thank God for each one of your visits.

Have a great day!"

Emma Gonzalez (Friend from Las Vegas, Nevada)

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